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We’re much more than just a uniform production company.

Our workwear helps businesses wear their brand better – and that creates connection.

Every uniform we design, manufacture, and deliver works to connect on three interrelated levels – functional purpose, best industry practice and brand representation.

We do this by leveraging our strategic insight and expertise from over 50 years of industry experience to produce uniforms that directly answer the needs of your workforce while at the same time offer increased functionality and comfort for best performance.

Our uniforms allow your staff to feel part of something bigger – united by more than look to form one team. This kind of camaraderie builds culture and elevates brand reputation. On the front line, our uniforms increase positive recognition beyond employees and out to wider stakeholder and public audiences. And that’s what we call branded workwear that connects.


Our detailed knowledge about your industry allows us to create quality, functional and stylish uniforms that meet the everyday needs of your team.


Our dynamic online inventory system with predictive demand planning and performance reporting tools, provides easy management of complex uniform entitlement and fulfilment scenarios.

Product excellence

Our design collaborations and distribution partnerships with the world’s best uniform brands, create endless customisation capabilities resulting in the ultimate fit-for-purpose workwear.


With WRAP accreditation or SEDEX membership, our manufacturing partners share our commitment to eliminating modern slavery and practicing safe, lawful and humane manufacturing.

The perfect fit

Our product exchange program and group fitting days ensure everyone in your organisation is correctly attired with the best uniform for function, comfort and brand alignment.

Value for money

We reduce administration overheads by tailoring procurement and delivery solutions. Additionally our cost-per-wear approach optimises replenishment cycles, saving you more time and money.

Quick Delivery

Our warehousing solutions include flexible express dispatch options for all finished products. But the real winner is our employee management system, giving staff the autonomy to purchase their uniforms and arrange delivery direct to their address.

We’ve built an intuitive solution
for better uniform management

Our configurable Employee Management system makes the uniform procurement and ordering process simple and stress free for both brand managers and their team. With dual-purpose functionality, our solution allows procurement officers to leverage intuitive planning tools and on-demand reporting for transparent management of inventory and budget spend, while staff can self-manage their uniform purchases through role-based product access.


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