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Modern Slavery Code Of Conduct

Advance Design Group and its trading entities (Uniformity, The Scrub Store and Scrub Brands Australia) is committed to acting ethically, legally and with integrity in all our business relationships.  We expect that our suppliers act lawfully, and ethically, ensuring that Modern Slavery is not occurring in their operations or supply chains.  We look to build partnerships with suppliers who demonstrate practices that are shaping improved workplace environments and conditions, and which exceed the accepted minimums, and to walk-away from those that don’t.

Our commitment is to take all reasonable steps to ensure there is no forced or child labour, human trafficking, piece-work payments, bonds or retention of legal documents (such as passports) in our supply chain.

Our expectation is that our suppliers:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  2. Pay a fair “living-wage” that meets or exceeds local awards;
  3. Treat their employees and contractors with respect and promote a safe, hygienic working environment free of forced labour practises, personal discrimination or victimisation
  4. Are SEDEX members and/or are WRAP certified;
  5. Proactively monitor their own supply chains for compliance with these requirements and to voluntarily investigate any suspected non-compliances, and to remediate in a timely and appropriate way.

As part of our commitment to opposing all forms of Modern Slavery, we ask our suppliers to undertake and endorse a self-assessment questionnaire.

Modern Slavery Statement

Advance Design Group Pty Ltd (t/a Uniformity) undertakes to proactively identify, assess, and address the risks of modern slavery practices in our operations and supply chains used in the provision of uniforms.
Whilst not formally required under the Modern Slavery Act (2018) to report on the risks of modern slavery in our supply chain or operations, we have implemented a list of criteria for ongoing assessment of our suppliers, and to govern our supply partnerships. Download our full Modern Slavery Statement.

Sedex Member

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