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At Uniformity, a core part of achieving our ‘wear it well’ philosophy involves listening to our customers and what they want. When defining the modern uniform policy for any working environment, keeping your team’s requirements at the heart of the design is crucial for long-term success.

A transparent and responsive approach to uniform design not only enhances the overall experience but also reflects a commitment to the wellbeing and satisfaction of those wearing the uniforms.

There are two ways this can be done – a feedback survey or field trial day. Here’s our top tips for both.

Feedback survey

A well-crafted feedback survey adds a structured dimension to the uniform evaluation process. Employees can articulate their opinions on various aspects, ranging from fabric comfort to design aesthetics. Additionally, including clients in the feedback loop provides a comprehensive perspective on how the uniforms are perceived externally, ensuring alignment with the brand image and client expectations.

Our top tips:

  • When writing your feedback survey, avoid leading questions and focus instead on using close-end questions for concise, direct responses
  • Keep the survey length under 5 minutes to complete – short and sweet is always the best way to achieve a high response rate
  • If you’re feeling stuck, refer to our sample survey as a guide


Field trial day

Running a field trial day is a powerful way to gather firsthand insights from employees. This involves allowing staff to wear the proposed uniform options in their actual working environment. Observing the practical aspects of comfort, functionality and style during the daily routine provides invaluable feedback. A field trial day can be an effective way to obtain buy-in from staff as this hands-on experience enables a deeper understanding of the uniforms’ real-world impact, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the demands of the job.

Our top tips:

  • Be sure to engage a diverse selection of staff in the trial for greatest impact
  • Use this as an opportunity to test new trends (e.g. jogger pants for care staff)
  • Validate key findings or any inconsistencies that may have emerged from a feedback survey if conducted in advance
  • Remember to look for emotional responses – it’s all about creating uniforms that staff are excited to wear!

Once the feedback is gathered, the next crucial step is effective integration and execution. Collaborating with a reliable uniform production partner is key to translating feedback into tangible improvements. As an experienced uniform production company, the team at Uniformity can assist with this process by refining designs based on insights obtained, addressing concerns and optimising elements such as fabric choice, colour schemes and overall functionality.

Don’t forget, communication is paramount throughout this entire process. Keeping employees and clients informed about the changes being implemented as a result of their feedback fosters a sense of involvement and appreciation. A transparent dialogue establishes a culture of continuous improvement and demonstrates a commitment to creating an environment where everyone’s input is valued.

Still unsure how to initiate your feedback process? Get in touch with the expert team at Uniformity today – we’re always here to help businesses wear their brand better.

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