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We have spent several months undergoing a rebrand project to bring you Uniformity – so much more than a uniform company that helps businesses wear their brand better.

So how did we get here?

As a company with over 50 years’ experience creating and managing uniforms for aged care, healthcare, corporate and hospitality industries, it was important we had a name that encapsulated our expertise, knowledge and value-add to our customers – something without fuss or confusion, but with lots of standout.

From speaking directly with our clients, we uncovered the true, unique value our expertise as uniform suppliers and our innovative uniform programs brought to their businesses.

The essence of being ‘uniform’ comes down to one thing – connection.
This is the meaning of Uniformity. And this is what we deliver – always.

Our uniforms are functional and comfortable – they connect with the practical needs of workers allowing them to efficiently complete tasks to their best standard while continuing to look great, wear after wear.

Take a look at our configurable Employee Management solution – this advanced tech platform streamlines the procurement process, connecting employees directly to the ordering system and as such, alleviating stress for managers and their teams alike.

Finally, the way our uniforms foster connection between team members of a business is something our clients value highly. It’s inspiring to hear about the vital part our uniforms play in sparking unity, promoting camaraderie and facilitating teamwork.

As a name, Uniformity reinforces our enduring commitment and passion as uniform wholesalers to create and manage only the best uniform programs for all our clients across Australia. So, whether you’re after corporate uniforms for office workers, aged care uniforms for nurses, hospitality uniforms for bartenders, healthcare uniforms for care workers or work uniforms for any role – Uniformity has you covered.

We’re excited for this new chapter and how our fresh brand can catapult us ahead to the future of work and uniforms we passionately envision.

So join us on our journey – it’s time to wear it well with Uniformity.

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