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13 Dec 2023

The power of feedback

30 Nov 2023

Comfortable uniforms – it’s all about the fabric

Learn why polyester is the winning choice for producing comfortable uniforms for healthcare and aged care professionals.

30 Oct 2023

Launching our first Uniformity e-book

We are very excited to launch our first e-book from Uniformity – “What we’ve learnt from dressing 100,000 Australians for

8 Sep 2023

Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability as a Sedex member

We are proud to become a Sedex member, joining the world-leading organisation in our latest commitment to social and environmental

1 Aug 2023

Why printed scrubs are important in healthcare settings

Printed scrubs contribute to a more compassionate, welcoming, and efficient healthcare environment for patients and professionals

4 Jul 2023

How COVID has changed the corporate uniform game

Learn how businesses can adapt to the corporate casualisation trend post-COVID while still ensuring their team looks professional

7 Jun 2023

How and why you should register your uniforms for tax deductions

Did you know that non-compulsory uniform sets entered under the TCF Register offer potential tax benefits?

17 May 2023

Scrubs for good – the innovative fabric technology behind our uniform collection

Learn about the construction and benefits of innovative fabric technologies that are incorporated in our range of scrubs, healthcare

30 Mar 2023

Our proactive commitment to addressing modern slavery

Modern slavery can exist at all levels of garment supply chains. That’s why as uniform wholesalers we recognise our ethical

12 Jan 2023

Uniform allocation vs allowance: how businesses can save up to 30%

Find out how allocating uniforms saves businesses up to 30% compared to offering a uniform allowance.

10 Dec 2022

Uniformity: Our Rebrand Story

Learn about the story behind our new name, Uniformity.

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