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8 Sep 2023

Our commitment to social and environmental sustainability as a Sedex member

We are extremely proud to announce that we have become a Sedex member – joining the world-leading organisation is our latest commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

At Uniformity, we are dedicated to being a responsible business, managing our operations and supply chain in a way that safeguards workers, communities and the environment. Joining Sedex amplifies our established Modern Slavery Statement which is our governing criteria for ongoing supplier partnerships based on continual assessments. Our criteria outlines that our suppliers must:

  • Be SEDEX members or WRAP-certified
  • Have a meaningful modern slavery policy, which their management and representatives can talk to in a practical way, indicating that the policy does influence decisions and fosters better practices
  • Comply with standards and practices outlined by The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) for offshore manufacturing and contractor engagement


What is Sedex?

Sedex is a world leader in responsible sourcing and empowers companies to implement sustainable business practices and policies to build ethical supply chains. The organisation has over 55,000 members in 180 countries, across 35 industry sectors, including food, agriculture, financial services, clothing and apparel, packaging and chemicals.

Sedex provides businesses with the tools, technology and insights needed to operate ethically, source responsibly and work with their suppliers to create fair working conditions for the people who make their products and services.

How will Sedex enhance Uniformity’s commitment to safe, ethical and sustainable supply chain practices?

Sedex’s technology and services will be instrumental in helping us source more responsibly across our supply chain. With the practical tools, data analysis and business insights provided from Sedex’s platform and solutions, the team at Uniformity feel more empowered than ever before to effectively operate to the highest ethical, sustainable standard.

As a Sedex member, we can map our supply chain, identify higher risk suppliers and request them to have a social ethical audit. We will then work in collaboration with our suppliers to improve their business practices to create safe working conditions in regions that we source.

“Sedex membership is another layer in our commitment to being a sustainable and ethical business. Our practical view of this new-world challenge leads us to seek solutions that make a real difference. We manufacture custom designed uniforms in our contracted facility in Vietnam, where we know the people working on the project and have clear oversight of conditions.”
Ray Lehrer – Managing Director, Uniformity

To learn more about Uniformity’s commitment to addressing modern slavery, read our earlier blog here.

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