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In the world of healthcare, the attire worn by medical professionals plays a vital role. While scrubs were traditionally plain and monotonous, the emergence of printed scrubs has quickly revolutionised the industry.

Available in various designs and with prints that range from animals to cartoon characters, floral patterns to custom designs, printed scrubs are vibrant and personalised uniform pieces that contribute to a more compassionate, welcoming, and efficient healthcare environment for patients and professionals alike.

So what are the benefits for healthcare patients and aged care residents?

Positive distraction


Creating a comfortable and relaxed environment is essential in healthcare settings. That’s where printed scrubs can lend a helping hand. Vibrant patterns and fun designs act as a positive distraction in medical settings that can often be scary, and anxiety-inducing for most people. By focusing on the design of the scrub top, patients can take their minds off their worries and start feeling more relaxed.

Improved Identification


In a busy hospital, aged care facility or healthcare clinic, it can be challenging to identify who is who. Printed scrub tops can help patients and visitors easily identify individual healthcare providers, creating an extra sense of reassurance and safety. Patients may also feel more confident in their carer’s abilities if they are easily recognisable and memorable.

Personal relationships


From animal designs to floral patterns, printed scrubs are often a great conversation starter between healthcare staff and their patients. By fostering a sense of warmth and friendliness, printed scrubs help patients feel more at ease with their caregivers, fostering an added personal connection with their healthcare professionals.

But printed scrubs also provide morale-boosting benefits for the nurses and working professionals wearing them.



When healthcare professionals feel valued and can express their individuality through their uniform, they are more likely to be engaged and fulfilled in their roles. Printed and patterned scrubs allow just that – a chance to inject a dose of their unique personality and individuality into their work attire. By embracing printed scrubs, healthcare organisations contribute to the self-confidence of their employees. It also demonstrates their commitment to team well-being, positive working culture and job satisfaction.

Team spirit


As our name implies, Uniformity strongly believes that uniforms have the power to foster a sense of unity, belonging and camaraderie amongst healthcare teams. And printed scrubs can achieve this to an even greater extent. By wearing scrubs with a shared pattern or custom printed design, healthcare professionals can create a visual representation of their teamwork and solidarity. This visual cue strengthens bonds between team members, improves collaboration and ultimately enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness in the care and treatment of patients.

Elevated brand reputation


Printed scrubs offer an excellent opportunity for hospitals and healthcare centres to promote their brand and professional image. Uniforms that feature an organisation’s logo and specific colours within a unique custom pattern are exceptionally effective in producing a distinctive, cohesive brand image. This not only instils a sense of pride among staff members but also leaves a lasting impression on patients and visitors. Additionally, when healthcare professionals are easily identifiable through distinct printed scrubs, it enhances the trust and credibility associated with the brand from wider public audiences.

So how can you incorporate printed scrubs into your healthcare uniform program?

At Uniformity we help our clients determine practical ways they can introduce printed scrubs into their group’s uniform program for maximum value and impact. Printed scrubs can be offered as a mandatory uniform item or a special occasion piece to be worn on a “Fun Scrub Friday” or team building days.

Our options for printed designs include a choice from our high-quality range of “off the shelf” products with limited edition patterns OR alternatively creating an entirely custom print that can be used exclusively by your organisation on an ongoing basis.

BaptistCare is just one of many clients who we’ve helped successfully integrate printed scrubs into their uniform program.

As an organisation offering residential aged care, BaptistCare were moving to a more relational model of care, and away from a traditional, institutionalised approach. In doing so, the team saw uniforms as a key contributing factor that needed to be changed.

“Uniforms are symbolic of an institutionalised environment and we wanted something a bit softer and more colourful. That’s why we went with print designs,” says BaptistCare’s Quality of Life Manager for Residential Services, Donna Lennon.

“We showed various colourful print designs to a number of residents living in our homes. The staff paraded them for residents and it was a lot of fun. […] Overwhelmingly, residents thought it was a good idea. They loved the colours and seeing staff in different designs that were bright and interesting. Essentially, they just really enjoyed seeing a bit more colour in their day.”

Currently BaptistCare offer a variety of printed scrub tops that their staff are allowed to wear on any shift.

When discussing the reasons why the staff love the printed designs themselves, Donna remarked that when they moved away from a button-up shirt to a printed scrub, “a lot of the staff found these to be easier to launder, cooler to wear because they’re a different fabric and these tops have five pockets which staff thought was great because the button-ups didn’t have any pockets.”

To explore how you can introduce printed scrubs into your aged care or healthcare organisation’s uniform program, get in touch with the Uniformity team today.

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